• Credits x550
All sales are final.
All sales are non-refundable (unless outlined otherwise below or by special agreement prior to purchase)
All sales are non-transferable.
All VIP Features are strictly able to be used from the date of payment (Central Standard Time) until 12:01AM one month from that date of payment regardless of your player status (being inactive, banned or etc.).
Being a VIP does not lessen the rules or their punishments for a player. The rules will be enforced equally to all players and as such, if you become banned, no refunds or hold's on your time will be issued.
All purchases are one-time only unless specified otherwise.
If you stop your VIP subscription, all VIP items will be removed from your account, without an in-game refund (i.e. for VIP Cars you purchased, etc).
Abuse of certain VIP features, such as but not limited to, VIP Chat or exploiting other VIP features could result in temporary or complete loss of those privileges without refund.
Your product will not be issued until paid in full (i.e. e-checks sometimes take up to 1 week to clear).
If your payment becomes “held” by Paypal for account/security related issues your purchase could be revoked or suspended until all issues are cleared with Pay Pal and the money is no longer frozen in the account.
All efforts should be made contacting our staff before “charging back” on pay pal. Any person who charges could be completely banned from the community without refund for any purchases if it is done so maliciously.
If you are permanently banned any item purchased beyond 30 days prior to the ban will not be refunded. All other purchases excluding VIP's, Custom Cars and Gates can be refunded from the 30 days prior to the ban. Otherwise you agree, that if you become banned from the server and/or community for any reason that no refunds will be issued.
If your order total is over $50 it may be held for up to 3 days to preform security checks.
All orders will not be issued until cleared by thier respective payment services.
Certain items or features of certain items and/or packages may change with or without notice and may vary based on scripting revisions then how the item is listed on our site. Substitutions, credits, or refunds may or may not be offered and issued because of this.
If you charge back items, your account will become banned in the entire community. In order to become unbanned you must pay the total amount charged back, any chargeback fee's we may have been charged by the payment service and a 10% service fee for the time it took to deal with the matter over time.

Credits x550

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